Dr. Michael Fowler is a Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford Hospital & Clinics.

Dr. Fowler attended the Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, London, England. He has been elected to be a fellow in the Royal College of Physicians. He came to Stanford University on a British Heart Foundation, American Heart Association reciprocal fellowship award.

Dr. Fowler was appointed to the faculty in 1982. He is former Medical Director of the Heart Failure Program at Stanford University School of Medicine and Medical Director of the Stanford Cardiomyopathy Center.

Dr. Fowler has specialized in the treatment and research related to heart failure for over 35 years. He played an important role in the development of beta blocking drugs to treat heart failure and has also participated in most and the major studies that have led to our current comprehensive treatment for heart failure with drugs and devices. He is an expert in evaluating patients who may benefit from cardiac transplantation or mechanical support therapy.

Professional Summary

Professional Education
  • Fellowship: Stanford University School of Medicine (1984) CA
  • Research Fellowship, Stanford University School of Medicine (1984)
  • Fellowship, Kings College Hospital UK (1982)
  • Residency: Brighton and Sussex Medical School (1979) England
  • Residency: Kent and Canterbury Hospital (1977) England
  • Internship: New Charing Hosp - London (1976)
  • Medical Education: Charing Cross Hospital Medical School (1975) UK

Administrative Appointments
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine, CardiovascularMedicine, Stanford University Medical Center (1986 - 1993)
  • Assoc. Prof. of Medicine, CardiovascularMedicine, Stanford University Medical Center (1993 - 1999)
  • Clinical Asst. Prof. of Medicine, Stanford University Medical Center (1984 - 1986)
  • Co-Director, Cardiac Advanced Therapies Clinic, Stanford University Medical Center (1984 - 1991)
  • Co-Director, Coronary Care Unit, Stanford University Medical Center (1986 - 1991)
  • Co-Director, Heart Failure Clinic, Stanford University Medical Center (1991 - 2001)
  • Director, Heart Failure Program, Stanford University Medical Center (1991 - 2017)
  • Medical Director, CardiomyopathyCenter, Stanford University Medical Center (2001 - Present)
  • Professor of Medicine, CardiovascularMedicine, Stanford University Medical Center (1999 - Present)


Clinical Trials

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Open trials refer to studies currently accepting participants. Closed trials are not currently enrolling, but may open in the future.

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Mechanical Circulatory Support Program Stanford, CA
Stanford, CA

300 Pasteur Drive, 2nd Floor, Room A260

Stanford , CA 94305

(650) 723-5468

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Heart Transplant Program Stanford, CA
Stanford, CA

300 Pasteur Drive, 2nd Floor, Room A21

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Dr. Fowler is a doctor with a forth sense of insight to the needs and concern for a patient. As I am a physician with 30 years in practice, I know what I am describing. Stanford would be improved with 100 physicians of this quality of Dr. Fowler.
Very good service.
I have always has experiences of gratitude and appreciation with all the staff.
I owe my life to Dr. Fowler and Stanford. You are all great. I can't thank you all enough.
Dr. Fowler is the epitome of a caring and expert physician.
Dr. Fowler is one of the best MD I ever have. His explanations & my issues are thorough & educational.
Dr. Fowler is the finest doctor I have seen - and I have seen many. His expertise is unparalleled.
Provider was engaged with me and was looking to improve my condition. Good interaction.
please pay Dr. michael Fowler more money to discourage retirement..thank you
Dr. Fowler is the best in his field and understands my condition.
Dr. Fowler is an excellent provider knowledgeable and excellent at what he does. Compassionate too.
good experience
Dr. Leila Beach & Dr. Fowler each did excellent at asking questions, giving explanations of condition, treatment options, adjustments to pacemaker & medication plus an open door should questions or concerns arise going forward.
As usual Dr. Fowler is very friendly & knowledgeable. He eased my concerns on several test results with detail explanations.
Very good.
Dr. Fowler is superb!
Dr was deliberate and candid
Dr. Fowler is great.
I recommend to a lot and my friends that I came in contact with.
Dr. Fowler was amazingly generous with his time at this meeting, and subsequent follow-up call.
Dr. Fowler showed concern for my condition and made sure that I was not doing things to jeopardize my condition.
Dr. Fowler is always so great.
Dr. Fowler, and Natasha, inspire confidence.
I have under different heart specialists for over 20 years. Only the last 2 plus have been up here at Stanford the other 18 yrs in LA at Torrence Memorial. I'm very happy that Dr. Fowler will be guiding me.
Dr. Fowler is the best!!
yes definitely I recommend him .
Dr Fowler has and is always a great explained of my situation. I always leave knowing my questions have answered based on the best information at the time.
Doctor Fowler and his team are the best! I have been with Doctor Fowler for over 20 years, through two heart surgeries and many visits. I would not be here today if it wasn't for his careful stewardship.
I have/and would recommend Dr. Fowler to any patient. He's extremely competent and personable. He never leaves a patient hanging medically and is literally a life saver.
Dr. Fowler is the best cardiologist I have ever been to. His knowledge and ability to explain things in an understandable manner are outstanding. He called me after my appointment to further discuss my case. That was above and beyond, but shows his concern and desire to help his patients. A truly remarkable man and doctor.
Top doc.
Dr. Fowler was superb - all support staff were excellent, too.
Dr. Fowler is the best!
Dr. Fowler is excellent. Really took time and effort to evaluate my situation and direct a future course of action.
Dr. Fowler is not only a great doctor, he's a great friend. We've been together a long time.
Dr. Fowler was excellent in every regard!
Dr. Fowler and his staff have shown continuously that they care and make every effort to provide the very best advise & care.
I'll be sad when Dr. Michael Fowler retires. His expertise is exceptional.
I have been a patient of Dr. Fowler's for over 20 years. He simply walks on water as far as we are concerned. His exceptional knowledge and devotion to his patient's best interests is something every doctor should emulate.
Michael Fowler remains a unique talent, a most caring professional and the most observant and seductive person I have known.
Dr. Fowler & all his staff are my lifesavers!!!
Dr. Fowler is FABULOUS! Always has been.
I can not be in better hands
Dr. Fowler simply walks on water in our eyes. Need I say more?!
Accent and rapid speech are difficult to understand occasionally. His other qualities are so good that his speech delivery is easy to ignore.
couldn't be happier with the care I am getting from Dr. Fowler and his team.
Dr. Fowler has been the best doctor I've worked with in my life. What a great experience. He really helped ease the stress of an incredibly tough situation.
I will happily take a bullet for my care provider.
I am here and enjoying life because Dr. Fowler cared enough to not give up and connect me with Dr. Ha for a pericardiectomy. Others had given up and sent me home with no options. A huge thank you to the Stanford team!!
Dr Fowler was excellent with my mom
Dr. Fowler is the best.
Dr. Fowler is excellent. I am happy to be in his care.
Mike Fowler and his nurse are amazing - I feel lucky care has been fantastic.
Dr. Fowler is personable, projects a caring attitude; the resident/fellow was also good.
Dr. Michael Fowler is the best! I've been a patient of his for over a decade. His quick thinking, expertise and experience has really saved my life.
Dr. Fowler was a compassionate and thorough caregiver/clinician. My impression was that of a physician who took the time to hear my concerns, describe the plan of care, and address my mental well being. Physicians like Dr. Fowler are rare, and a valuable asset to Stanford.
For me Dr. Fowler has no faults - an uncommonly helpful, caring man.
The world would be a far better place if all hospitals were like this.
Dr. Mike Fowler has always been amazing. With the quality of his care my heart disease is easier to deal with.
Very good experience.
I have complete confidence in Dr. Fowler. He is always interested in me and my condition. I feel very fortunate to have him as my cardiologist.
Dr. Fowler is the best!!!
Fowler is the best in the world.
moved from a different state and was apprehensive on finding a new doctor. all my apprehensions have been eased
Erin Morgan is beyond awesome! Give her a raise.
Dr. Michael Fowler should be given a raise to encourage him not to retire. He is a rare breed with unusual talent and compassion.
Others had given up. Dr. Fowler did not & recommended surgery that has given me wonderful opportunities. Not words for my thanks to Dr. Fowler & to Stanford!
Dr. Fowler cares about me, not just my heart. He wants to and is very informed about my total care. I have recommended him in the past and will continue to do so.
Feel guilty that dr. Fowler gives me so much time. You must give an increase in salary so he won't retire. There are very few docs with such good patient service and a caring attitude. I feel better just seeing him and absorbing his personal concern for me.there should be more docs like him.he is one of a kind.
The primacy doctor comes in to be the clean up. I suppose if things were not normal he would spend more time with me.
Dr. Fowler simply walks on water in our eyes because of the care he has provided me for over 20 yrs. These are previous years I could not have had without his care.
I can tell I have received the best care from Dr. Fowler.
Dr Fowler and his office are really "god send". Note his patient , Cardiology, are one of patient group with highest risk and by definition at highest level of stress. Dr follower office indeed spent the necessary time to ensure patients including myself are at most comfort in their questions and receiving appropriate response which comfort patients more than any other therapy.
Should be more physicians like Dr. Fowler ? do not let him retire!
Dr. Fowler always shows his concern for my condition and tries very hard to find ways to improve it.
I wish all were like Stanford staff. They are excellent. I wish you were in Sacramento. Then all of my drs. would be Stanford staff.
Michael Fowler is an exceptional caring physician
I love Dr. Fowler. He is very knowledgeable and only wants what is best for me in my condition.
If it were not for Dr. Fowler I may not be here today. I was close to death. I trust him with my life.
Dr. Fowler - BEST EVER.
Excellent doctor!!
Michael Fowler is the best physician I have ever had and I can not imagine him doing anything better on my behalf
Dr. Fowler is remarkable.
very knowledgeable and easy to understand in this stressful situation.
I wish there were more docs like Dr. Fowler...
Dr. Fowler has become like family over the years. He genuinely cares for his patients. And I love that about him. I know my best interests are at heart.
You can't beat Dr. Fowler for his integrity, wisdom and remembering what you spoke about on your last visit (even if a year ago) and overall advocacy for your quality of life and health.
Dr. Fowler and his staff are excellent.
As a physician myself....I can evaluate the medical staff with microscopic glasses. All variables excellent.
The physician and all of assistance made me had a satisfaction very much.
I have seen 4 other cardiologist and I consider him the top cardiologist in solving my health issues.
We are very happy with Dr. Fowler and appreciate all of his help.
Dr. Fowler is a pleasure and a joy to work with! He is not only knowledgeable but extremely fun (and sometimes very funny) in his presentation!
Dr. Fowler is the BEST!!!
Stanford physician & staff have always been very professional.
Michael Fowler is a trusted caregiver, a caring person and a skilled practitioner. I can not think of anyone I would rather than consult with on any medical problem than him and he is the person I would always relie upon for excellent care in any situation. His physician assistant Erin is wonderful to work with as have been Kim and the other people he ahs surrounded himself with.
They are amazing. My previous cardiologist office was dismissive of my symptoms and left me more worried than before. Dr. Fowler and his staff discussed everything with me carefully, came up with the most probable explanations and ran tests. I feel so much safer and cared for by him and his whole office staff.
Slow down when talking.
Dr Fowler has my total confidence- his excellent caresaved me from a heart transplant
Dr. Fowler is great.
I owe the last 20 years of my life to Dr. Fowler!
Michael Fowler is a driving force and a major asset to Stanford.
First rate cardiologist!
Dr. Fowler is an exceptional physician -
He is wonderful...
Dr. Fowler & staff are the best in all areas.
Best dr. I have ever seen my whole experience from Dr. Fowler's medical asst., nurse, staff and himself all the best.
Doctor Fowler & his staff are very efficient.
Dr. Fowler always provides an excellent experience.
Dr. Fowler is the best doctor I have ever met or will meet. I wish I knew him sooner.
Always positive.
Did not receive medication prescribed nor schedule info for follow-up lab work.
Dr. Fowler excellent physician.
Attentive, straight - forward, answered all my questions and concerns.
We are talking "Dr. Fowler." He is responsible for the wonderful quality of life I have enjoyed for many years. In short, he walks on water in my eyes!
Such an EXCELLENT DOCTOR! Thank you! Dr. Michael Fowler.
Saved my life.
Tells me he sees this and he'll try to make it better, doesn't explain my situation.
This was the second ICD placement and the first time I had it explained so thoroughly. (First placement was at a different facility).
I wish all providers were as excellent as Dr. Fowler!
Dr. Fowler is one of the 'best' in the world.
Dr. Fowler is marvelous!
Appreciate the doctor taking time to answer questions thoroughly and being clear & forthright with his opinions & recommendations about my condition & treatment.
Care provider & staff are excellent!! I really like that they listen to my concerns and answer all questions!
Dr. Fowler outstanding doctor.
Mike Fowler is probably the best doctor I have ever had.

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