Francis McNee, MD, attended medical school at UCLA and completed his Residency in OB-GYN there as well. Dr. McNee is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is one of the executive leaders of the Menlo Clinic and has been with the clinic since 1994.

Professional Summary

Professional Education
  • Residency: UCLA Medical Center Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency (1985) CA
  • Medical Education: UCLA David Geffen School Of Medicine Registrar (1981) CA
  • Board Certification: American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology (1987)

Administrative Appointments
  • Chief Financial Officer, Menlo Clinic (2008 - Present)

Specializing In

  • Women's Health

Practice Locations

Menlo Medical Clinic in Menlo Park - 321 Middlefield Menlo Park, CA
Menlo Park, CA

321 Middlefield Road

Menlo Park , CA 94025

(650) 498-6500

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Excellent as always
Straight shooter, honorable, but a bit crusty
Dr McNee and his staff were very helpful.
I have known the doctor for some years, and everything was great, as always.
Dr. McNee was very knowledgeable, caring and answered all my questions.
He was great! I'd recommend Dr McNee
Dr. McNee was caring, highly competent and answered all my questions.
gave clear explanation of the procedure
Very difficult procedure was made easy by the Dr & his nurses
kind, gentle efficient
The Doctor was very professional, considerate, and polite. He patiently explained every step of the examination.
Dr McNee was so wonderful! It was my first time seeing him. He made me feel so comfortable, was very thorough, explained everything carefully and answered all my questions.
Very professional and thorough
Incredibly efficient wait times; Very friendly staff and Dr. McNee was excellent
Dr. McKnee is very caring and conscientious.
Really love Dr. McKnee's bedside manner and disposition. Great medical provider. Mishelle
Very kind and great bedside manner! Provided me the information I needed!
Good visit
Great information and care
Dr. McNee was calm, reassuring and extremely professional. I was pleased with our interaction and feel I have a clear understanding of my health issues and next steps.
Always professional and kind. Very attentive to their patients and their needs
The doctor is very good. And I will come next time.
Professional greeting, short wait, efficient medical Assistant Vanessa, appropriate interview and exam with Dr McNee with action plan enacted
Dr McNee was professional, thorough and helpful. I appreciated how he listened and addressed all of my issues and questions.
Very happy with professionalism of doctors and nurses.
Excellent people skills and bed side manners.
Very helpful with diagnosing and next steps.
MA was very kind and efficient. Dr. McNee, as usual, was very quick and thorough! Thank you for a great visit.
Dr McNee is a wise, calming, efficient expert. He has a can do attitude and is open minded, reasonable and cares so much!! Love him! 💖🠣⠤ï¸
Dr. McNee is the best: wise, knowledgeable, considerate, thorough, and patient.
Thank you!
Very caring and elicits information critical to understanding and comfort for his patients
Dr McNee was very calm as he explained the procedures. He answered my questions throughly.
Always a fantastic doctor, gentle and kind!
The whole office snd all people were amazing
I have the highest compliments to Dr. Mcknee. Answered all my questions in a timely thoughtful manner. Professional and knowledgable. Excellent experience!
Dr. McNee is extremely capable and I appreciate his expertise.
Really liked Dr. McNee. He listened patiently, asked questions, and explained everything clearly.
Dr mcnee was thoughtful and a good problem solver
Excellent doctor
Dr Mcnee is extremely knowledgeable, effective, compassionate, considerate, measured, and thoughtful.
Yes very professional
excellent care
He is an excellent Dr.
I would be comfortable sending my nieces to Dr. McNee if my nieces lived in California. If you were going to have a male doctor for the first time, you would want one as professional and caring and reassuring as he is. He has a wonderful manner about him. And he's great at explaining things about your health too.
Dr McNee is very professional, responsive, and empathetic. All my visits with him have been wonderful. I explained my concerns with insurance coverage and he said he would do his best to help. He is realistic but also wants the best for his patients. He answered a concern I had despite being out of the office. He demonstrates compassion and wants the best for his patients. Highly recommend!
Dr. McNee has lots of great reviews from patients online, and he's even nicer in person than expected. Also, it's clear from having the appointment that he's a very knowledgeable doctor who takes good care of his patients.
Answered all my questions well and have helpful suggestions. Was somewhat flat interpersonally
dr McNee and this clinic is great
Already recommended my doctor to a friend.
Dr. McNee is terrific. I always feel well cared for by him. He clearly knows his field, is a good communicator, and is kind.
Dr. McNee is the penultimate professional -- friendly, but not too friendly. Exceptionally competent and sensitive. He is patient and thorough with questions.
Dr. McNee isn't my primary OB/GYN but he was excellent. If I ever had to switch doctors, he would be my first choice.
I love the care and dedication that Dr. Francis McNee gives to his patients. I've been going to him for almost 20 years.
Dr. McNee was very patient, thorough and explained things very clearly. Thank you!
Dr. McNee was wonderful. He was extremely direct, compassionate, and efficiently helped me with my problem. He explained the science behind my diagnosis which is something I find so interesting and really appreciated it!
I have been a patient of Dr. McNee for years. I totally trust his ability to treat me.
I have been going to Dr. McNee for 34 years and he is always professional, caring and very willing to explain everything to me.
Everything good.
First visit. I provided health info, got check up, confirmed existence of my problem and recommended obvious next step, so not much basis for forming an opinion.
Dr.McNee is a very kind, competent physician. I would recommend him to anyone.
Doctor was efficient but curt.
Excellent and efficient service.
The visit was very quick and no explanation of how to use the prescription medication was given.
very helpful
It was my first visit with Dr McNee. He was very professional and caring. I will be recommending him.
Dr McNee is a great dr. He's an asset to Stanford/MMC
Dr. McNee has been my doctor for over 30 years and I highly recommend him.
I feel that the doctor and I are a team. It provides a positive experience.
Dr. McNee was very thorough and he helped me understand my condition and explained expectations for the future.
i Have been a patient of Dr. McNee for more than 21 years (my daughter's age), still very satisfied
I have been seeing Dr. McNee for many years. He has always been there for me. I totally trust his decisions regarding my health care and would highly recommend him.
I have been seeing Dr. McNee for 22 years and I am very satisfied with his care.
definitely would recommend!
Amazing staff and MD's. Dr. Mcnee was terrific!
Dr. McNee is an outstanding physician. I have been with him for nearly 30 years and trust him completely - competent, wide & kind!
Excellent knowledge - calm and takes the time to explain everything.
Dr. McNee comes across as extremely capable, which is always reassuring in a surgeon.
Very professional, compassionate, thorough & respectful.
Dr. Francis McNee was so courteous, professional & very helpful. His sensitivity to my needs was exceptional & so was his team exceptional.
Very efficient, When you only want to get in and get out
I was nervous about seeing a male gyno and all my fears came true. Dr Mcnee showed no empathy towards me. the only reason I schedule with him was because I was experiencing severe pain and wanted to be seen ASAP. While I was there I expressed other concerns and wanted to ask him other questions. he never offered me that opportunity to ask. even if he was very busy I would have appreciated him saying so and also saying that he would like to schedule another appointment to go over my concerns. also, the condition I came in for he brushed off completely and belittled me when explaining what was going on while exiting the room. he spent a total of maybe 5 minutes caring for me and didn't even tell me that we were done. he exited the room. I changed back into my clothes and peered out the door waiting for more instruction which he yelled from his office door you can go. he also never gave instructions to undress and seemed shocked when I was completely unclothed even though all he said was I'm leaving the room to let you undress. I've been better cared for at free clinics. I will not be returning
I have been with Dr. McNee for many years. He is wonderful, and I have referred him to others.
Dr. McNee was outstanding in his manner and professionalism. Great bedside manner.
Excellent doctor. I fully trust him and have been seeing him for 10+ years.
doctor seem to not wanted to be there. few words. completed exam like it was his 178,899 Pap smear in his life time
I have a lot of confidence in Dr McNee. He is knowledgeable & empathetic
Dr McNee answered all my questions with clear answers that I could understand and follow. you could tell he wanted to answer all my concerns which I greatly appreciated.
Dr. Mcnee answered my questions and reminded me of my colonoscopy appointment that is due next year.
we have a new doctor/patient relationship and I am still figuring out how it's going to go. It seems to be improving with each visit.
I was told he would great for infertility, but he barely spoke to me. All he said was "Good luck" as he excited the door.
I wish he would knock and wait for a response before opening the door, or wait for me to push the red button as instructed.
This was a routine follow up visit . There was no problem , so things were easy for all concerned . The doctor was very pleasant, friendly and calm. If there had been a problem, he would have been explained it in a calm manner.
Doctor Macnee is excellent.
Dr. McNee was kind in accommodating me as I had to manage my crying baby during the visit. He with Nurse Camilla's help, continued with inserting my copper IUD for me while I held my baby. He did well explaining what each step of the procedure was before doing it, was understanding of my situation.
Dr. McNee is very professional, thorough and well-prepared (I could tell he studied my chart & history prior to my appt.).
Good experience.
LOVE Dr. McNee. Even though I live in San Jose, and it is difficult to get to Menlo Park, I would not give up this dr.
My slotted time was 30 mins with Dr. Mcnee but he spent 1 hour and 15 mins onme and listen my problem very attentively and explain everything clearly regarding on health issue. I really appreciate his generosity.
Dr McNee seems to have changed could be due to years in practice granted I had surgery with himseven years back . I felt he was busy or just not really concerned with me I felt like I could not explain a lot of my concerns with him other than that he is just ok .
I have been going to Dr. McNee for at least 10 years now and I'm fortunate I have a Dr. who not only was there for my two pregnancies but someone I trust.
High confidence in physician.
Thanks doctor for talking to me in Spanish & treating me very good.
Dr. McNee was very good to explain each step he was taking during my exam. This made me feel more relaxed. I would highly recommend Dr. McNee to my friends.
Felt very rushed to get out, felt I didn't get as much attention as usual, left with unanswered questions about my P.C.O.S. diagnosis.
as a medical student, we're taught to knock before entering any patient room. I would imagine this is especially the case for OBGYN patients, but the doctor made a habit of just opening the door (if there was a knock, it was certainly after the door had opened). he also questioned me repeatedly on my choice of IUD, and after I had explained my rationale (which I initially didn't feel the need to tell him as the way I was being asked felt very much like a violation of my privacy, but relented after being asked in quite a demanding manner 3-4 times), said, "I never understand when women chose the Skyla. It doesn't make sense." He also at one point rolled his eyes at my explanation. This was not an appointment to decide which IUD to use; there was no immediate action that could have been taken at that point. While the doctor's justification for his berating of my IUD choice was valid, I believe that had he really wanted to educate me on the risks of certain IUDs for the future, there were many ways to communicate this information that would have been polite and non-condescending. This experience was very much the opposite of what we have been taught at Stanford Medical School.
I was fortunate to be able to see him!
Thank you very much Dr. McNee to help me with my pregnancy and deliver to the world perfectly healthy child! Very much appreciate it! Would strongly recommend this doctor!
Dr. McNee is kind, helpful, concerned, a good listener, and I have complete confidence in him as a physician.
Dr. Mcnee was able to listen to my health concerns and know just what my mental issue was. I have been to several doctors in and out of SHC for the past 7 years and I mean NOT one could tell me what is wrong. I was relieved to finally know what is wrong with me and will be getting surgery soon to correct this. Dr. Mcnee gave me my faith back in healthcare. after 7 years of pain I am thankful for his medical Expertises. I will no longer see any other obgyn.
Dr. McNee has been my doctor for over 30 years and delivered my two babies. He is an outstanding doctor and I highly recommend him.
Thank you Dr. McNee!
Thank you Dr. McNee and Camila!
I appreciated everything Dr. McNee did for me.
Dr. McNee was very professional and got down to business. I felt I had a very thorough exam and I was pleased that he recommended an MRI and follow-up. I trust that he will guide me through this process.
I really liked Dr. McNee and his approach & style to providing excellent care.
awesome doctors!
Thank you Dr. McNee
Dr. McNee did a good job, I just have a condition that there's nothing to be done about - so he did what he could but wouldn't/couldn't recommend any treatment options. While he's quite nice and very knowledgeable and experienced, I don't think he and I 'click'. I'm sure he thinks I am complaining about nothing.
Dr. McNee is excellent!
Excellent experience. Dr. McNee showed his great care, explaining everything that was being done, what he saw, and what I should do moving forward.
dr McNee is great - I have been his patient for over 30 years
Dr. Macnee is a very GOOD Dr. listens to your problems and cares a lot about how you feel, he is Amazing !!
I have been seeing Dr. McNee for over 25 years and find him extremely professional and knowledgeable - he always takes time to answer questions
Dr McNee has always been fantastic
I have been seeing Dr. McNee for over 11 years now - he is the consummate professional and has incredibly caring bedside manner.
Dr. McNee is highly skilled, but this appointment lasted 5 minutes. I wish he were willing to pause, and take the time to really listen to the patient and talk through whatever the issue is. It feels like he wants to spend as little time with the patient as possible. If he doesn't have an instant solution to the issue the patient presents, it's not his problem, go see a different doctor, appointment over. I have had complications healing post-surgery and the only advice I got from Dr. McNee was "go see your primary care physician". That was disappointing.
During my appointment, I had a medical concern and Dr. McNee handled it immediately by doing an ultrasound and discussing his findings. He was able to get me into the ultrasound room right away and get me home without any disruption to my schedule. I was amazed at the clinic's ability to get me seen so quickly.
I have complete confidence in Dr. McKnee. I have been seeing him since before he came to Menlo Clinic, and he has always been understanding, supportive, and responsive to questions, in addition to having excellent technical skills and keeping up on developments in the field.
dr Powell is the best doctor ever. I moved years ago to a new location more than two hours away and I keep him as my doctor. He has the greatest bedside manner and it makes me feel at ease to share anything and everything about my health. he sincerely cares about me.
Dr. McNee never makes me feel rushed. He always acts as though he has an entire day to spend answering my questions, even though I know he has many patients to see in a row.
Dr. McNee is wise, informed, and kind. I have been with him for about 25 years, and followed him to Menlo clinic from his previous practice. Can't say enough positive about him!
We discussed my meds & I felt we agreed on best solution - to continue meds -
out standing
excellent physician
I am so glad I found Dr. McNee. I have total confidence in his expertise in treating my medical issue. I would happily recommend him to anyone.
Dr. McNee is clearly very qualified and experienced, but his bedside manner is not good. As I've been navigating a stressful and scary health situation, I have been wishing that I had a kinder obgyn. The silver lining is that he doesn't beat around the bush, but that's a small silver lining here.
I highly recommend Dr. McNee. He has been my doctor for over 30 years and has provided me with outstanding care during that time, before and after delivering my two babies.
Dr. McNee - Absolutely super physician and human being.
Dr. McNee has been my doctor for over 30 years and delivered my two babies. He is an outstanding doctor and I highly recommend him.
Excellent experience the doctor was prepared for my visit, knowledgeable about my concern, very caring demeanor.
My Dr. is top notch! Always professional & listens to symptoms being experienced. He is fantastic about informing me & ALWAYS follows up. The best.
Dr. McNee is ALWAYS extremely communicative, professional and responsive to all my concerns. He goes "above and beyond" in his dedication to his patients. I would recommend him "HIGHLY" as a qualified, compassionate physician!
He's great--a good person and professional.
Dr. McNee made me feel very comfortable while also efficiently telling me about my options and allowing me to choose how to proceed. He's a wonderful doctor.
I have been going to Dr. McNee for a long time and I trust him, he was also my OBGYN for my children that he help me bring into the world.
To be honest my doctor is fine, and I love the clinic, but Nurse Tina is the reason I am still at the clinic- is is available and willing to help with my issues, often regarding insurance which I'm sure isn't a fun thing for her to spend time on.
Dr. McNee is an amazing caregiver! Very helpful with the whole patient. Had low iron and helped to come up with an easy treatment plan that prevented me from having expensive procedures. Iron is back to normal! Many thanks!!!
Dr McNee is exceptional.
Dr. Garay and Dr. McNee provided me with all the relevant information and options concerning my health and allowed me to make decisions regarding my treatment. They were very patient, answered all my questions.
Took the time to listen to my issues and current state of mind.
Dr McNee is fantastic. I've never had a better or more consistent experience with any physician.
Seemed in a hurry
Dr. McNee was terrific in explaining my results, answered all of my questions with care and kindness. He provided information on how to reach him if I had any future questions. I would not hesitate on recommending Dr. McNee.
I never feel like Dr. McNee wants to engage with me. I would love more information, but he always seems to give the shortest possible answers. I have a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry...while I am not an MD with a specialization in OB/GYN, I am generally comfortable talking in scientific and medical terms, and I am also comfortable asking someone to define a term that is unfamiliar. I don't think Dr. McNee even knows this about me because he doesn't bother asking questions to learn anything about me other that was is directly related to the visit. I just want to understand what is going on with my body, and I leave my visits with Dr. McNee feeling more confused. Just asking if I have questions isn't enough, because a person needs time to process. I want to have a conversation. And, if Dr. McNee provided more information/explanation, then my questions would arise more naturally in the conversation. Tina, Dr. McNee's nurse, on the other hand, is a kind and compassionate person. I enjoy interacting with her.
I have been a patient of Dr. McNee for 18 years and drive an hour away to see him.
Dr. McNee has been my doctor for almost 30 years. He is an outstanding doctor and I have recommended him to many people.
I've been with Dr. McNee for over 20 years. He is the best. I've referred several friends to him. Could not imagine going to another OBGYN
I respect my doctor very much - based on several years experience
I have already recommended Dr. McNee.
Dr. McNee assumed I had a lower level of understanding than I actually have. I wish he had taken the time to assess my background knowledge and comprehension, rather than just assuming I don't know anything. It was very difficult to engage Dr. McNee in a back and fourth conversation, and I think if he had engaged more he would have become aware of my background knowledge and comprehension.
Dr. McNee has always been excellent!
Dr. Mknee is the best!
good experience
I have seen Dr. McNee for almost 20 years. He is a conscientious doctor with a deep fund of knowledge and a holistic approach. I recommend him wholeheartedly.
I have always found Dr McNee to be lovely, concerned, and competent individual. He performed surgery on me years ago and I follow up with him yearly. I always find the visits most pleasant.
I have been dr McNee's patient for almost 30 years - the greatest OBGYN doctor!
Dr. McNee is excellent at gently and quietly explaining what he will be doing at each stage of my annual gyn exam.
Great care & service.
I have referred him to others.
All good experiences.
Impersonal and didn't make me feel comfortable.
Very professional & competent.

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