Eight Behaviors of Purposeful Hourly Rounding

Expected Results

Use Opening Key Words (C-I-CARE) with PRESENCE

Reduces anxiety, contributes to efficiency

Accomplish scheduled tasks

Contributes to efficiency

Address 4 P's (pain, toileting, positioning, fall prevention)

Quality Indicators, pain management, decubitus and fall prevention

Address additional personal needs, questions

Nurse sensitive indicators care and respect, listening

Conduct environmental assessment (bed alarms, IV pumps, hats, urinals)

Contributes to efficiency, safety, teamwork and addresses patient satisfaction

Ask "Is there anything else I can do for you before I go? I have time."

Increases efficiency, improves communication and teamwork (respect, caring, listening)

Tell each patient when you will be back

Contributes to efficiency, provides reassurance

Document the round

Quality and accountability