An implantable permanent left ventricular assist system for man. Transactions - American Society for Artificial Internal Organs Portner, P. M., Oyer, P. E., Jassawalla, J. S., Miller, P. J., Chen, H., LaForge, D. H., SKYTTE, K. W. 1978; 24: 99-103


A new implantable, electrically powered LV AS suitable for long-term use in man has been designed and is under development. The system is based on the well developed high-efficiency pulsed solenoid technology and a careful a priori systems approach to integration of the energy converter with a suitable blood pump. A novel dual pusher-plate sac-type blood pump with significant advantages in hemodynamics, antithrombogenicity and durability has been designed. The complementary energy converter, a pivoted-armature dual-gap solenoid, addresses weaknesses in previous designs while retaining all the good features of its forerunners and provides for the first time a truly integrated implantable circulatory assist system for man.

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