How can I get a COVID-19 diagnostic test at Stanford Health Care?

COVID-19 diagnostic testing is available for symptomatic and preprocedural current patients and the public at our sites across the Bay Area.  Some locations require an appointment.

Book an appointment through MyHealth or by calling 650-498-9000.

COVID-19 antibody testing is also available. Antibody testing requires a doctor’s order and take place at a blood draw clinic. Contact your care team for more information.

If I have COVID-19 symptoms, how should I access testing?

If you are experiencing mild symptoms, an at-home self-test is recommended. You can book a testing appointment through MyHealth or calling 650-498-9000. Notify your care team that you are experiencing symptoms. COVID-19 diagnostic testing sites are located across the Bay Area. Refer to individual site for details

What do I need to bring to my COVID-19 diagnostic test appointment?

How do I access my COVID-19 test result?

If you do not have a MyHealth account, you can create one at no cost. Call the MyHealth team for assistance at 1-866-367-0758

If you choose not to create a MyHealth account, to access your negative test result you will need to call Clinical Advice Services at 650-724-9400. Clinical Advice Services will relay your request to a nurse, who will call you back to deliver your negative test result.

Diagnostic results are typically available 3-7 days from the time of the test, depending on demand.

To view antibody test results, tap or click the message titled “SARS-COV-2, IgG & IgM” in the MyHealth app or web portal test results section.

What should I do if I have questions about my test result?

Contact your care team through MyHealth or call 650-498-9000 if you have questions about your COVID-19 test result.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my test result?

Contact your care team through MyHealth or call 650-498-9000 if you have questions about your COVID-19 test result.

Is COVID-19 testing required before my office visit?

Is COVID-19 testing required prior to my procedure?

Can I get a COVID-19 antibody test at Stanford Health Care?

COVID-19 antibody testing is available with a doctor’s order. Antibody testing takes place at blood draw clinics. Contact your care team through MyHealth or call 650-498-9000 for more information.

Besides Stanford Health Care, where else can I get vaccinated?

How do I make sure my vaccine records are available to my primary care physician/doctors?

If you are a Stanford Health Care patient, your medical record will be updated in MyHealth. You can also access your vaccination records from our medical records department at 650-723-5721.  If you are not a Stanford Health Care patient, please share your vaccination card with your doctor or nurse.

If I book a new appointment, what should I do with my existing appointment?

Where can I get more information about the COVID-19 vaccine?

I received a message to reschedule my appointment, what should I do to reschedule?

If you received a message to reschedule your vaccination appointment, please go to your MyHealth account or call 650-498-9000 to reschedule your appointment.

Do I need to bring anything to my COVID-19 vaccination?

I don't think I received a card when I was vaccinated. If I did, I lost it. What do I do?

We are not able to provide replacements for lost vaccine cards. You can get a copy of the record if you got the vaccine at a site run by Stanford Health Care. To get a copy:

Call the medical records office at Stanford Health Care in Palo Alto: 650-723-5721


If you have a MyHealth account, you can log in to a computer and print out your record. It won't print from the MyHealth app on a smartphone, unfortunately.

How do I print out my vaccine record from MyHealth?

Which COVID-19 vaccines does Stanford Health Care offer?

How do the different COVID-19 vaccines work?

Are all three COVID-19 vaccines effective?

Are mRNA vaccines safe?

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe and effective for all racial and ethnic populations?

Is the COVID-19 vaccine effective at protecting me from the new COVID-19 variants?

What if I want to receive J&J vaccine regardless of the CDC recommendations?

Is one dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine like Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech effective at protecting against the virus?

What is the difference between a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and a booster?

Can people receive flu shots and booster shots at the same time?

I have severe allergies (a medical history of anaphylactic reactions). Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe for me?

Is it safe to get vaccinated against COVID-19 if you are pregnant or breastfeeding?

If I already had COVID-19, do I still need to get vaccinated?

I was diagnosed with COVID-19. When should I schedule my first vaccine dose?

I was diagnosed with COVID-19 after I received the first vaccine dose, but before I received the second dose. When should I schedule the second dose?

If I have an urgent or emergent need, is it safe to go to the emergency room?

What measures are in place to make the Emergency Department a safe environment?

What precautions are being taken to keep patients safe at Stanford Health Care?

What is contactless check-in/check-out and eArrival?

Will medical staff and employees be tested for COVID-19 prior to my procedure to ensure my safety? Are medical staff and employees screened for symptoms?

What type of personal protective equipment will I receive as a patient?

What type of personal protective equipment will physicians and staff have to care for me?

Are there different levels of personal protective equipment I might see?

What would prohibit me from having surgery on the day it is scheduled?

If my procedure is cancelled again will it be rescheduled? If so, when?

What time do I need to arrive to ensure my procedure will start on time?

Will there be different entrances for procedure patients vs. those who may have symptoms of COVID-19?

I will be having a procedure at Stanford Health Care that requires a hospital stay. Will my family member be allowed to be with me? Are visitors allowed in the hospital?

How will my family member know where I am in the process of my procedure? How will I be able to communicate to my loved ones or family?

Will COVID-19-positive patients be on that unit? Will staff members who have been taking care of COVID-19-positive patients be taking care of me?

Will interpreters be available should I or my family member need one?

How will I find out my test results?

Due to COVID-19, are there any implications to my insurance, deductible or co-pay amounts?

For billing inquiries, please contact our Customer Service Billing department at 1-800-549-3720

Our telephone agents are ready to assist you. You can also message our billing department via your MyHealth account.

Please use your MyHealth app or visit

Will I be tested for COVID-19 prior to my procedure? What if I test positive for COVID-19 during the pre-procedure screening?

How many times will I be tested for COVID-19? Before and after my procedure?

Am I allowed to be with my loved one or family member before and after the procedure? If no, where do I wait. Will I be allowed to visit my loved one or family member?

We will be traveling from out of town. If I cannot stay with my loved one or family member in the hospital room, what accommodations are there for me?

If I need support as a family member or caregiver, who can I contact? What resources are available to me?