If you are interested in volunteering with children, please contact the Volunteer Services department at Stanford Children's Hospital at 650-497-8696 or visit their website at:

Shadowing a staff person usually consists of observing the staff person in their role for a short period – a few shifts.  The visiting observer that is shadowing must be 18 years and older and has already set up the observing with the staff person ahead of time.  Stanford does not pair people interested in shadowing with the appropriate department.  If you have already spoken with the staff person about shadowing and you need to fill out the appropriate paperwork to get started, please have the staff person contact the Privacy Department at:

Internships are different than volunteering at Stanford Health Care.  An internship is created for educational purposes.  The intern that is working with a department to meet school requirements must be 18 years and older and have already set up the internship with the staff person/department ahead of time.   Stanford does not pair people interested in interning with the appropriate department.  The department will work with Human Resources to develop an agreement with the participant’s school and the participating department.

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