To request a copy of your medical record, call:
Stanford Health Care (SHC) HIMS Department at 650-723-5721

University HealthCare Alliance (UHA) HIMS Department at 510-731-2675

Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare (SHC-VC) HIMS Department at 925-373-8019

What is MyHealth?
What are clinical notes?
Why do I have even more and quicker access to my health records and test results?
Why should I read my clinical notes?
Who can see my clinical notes?
What do I do if I find a clinical note confusing or incorrect or if there is an error on my medical record?

Let your doctor or a care team member know if you have a question, see a note that may not fit what you remembered, or if you think something is missing. If you feel that your medical record needs to be changed, please contact your Medical Records department at the number noted above.

Where can I learn more about my health condition?

Stanford Health Care MyHealth App

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