BRCA1 and p53: compensatory roles in DNA repair JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE-JMM Hartman, A. R., Ford, J. M. 2003; 81 (11): 700-707


The BRCA1 breast cancer susceptibility gene has been implicated in many cellular processes, yet its specific mechanism of tumor suppression remains unclear. BRCA1 plays a role in several DNA repair pathways including nucleotide excision repair (NER). Loss of the p53 tumor suppressor gene, a key regulator of NER, is an important and necessary event in the pathogenesis of BRCA1-mutated tumors. Here we discuss the role of BRCA1 and NER in breast cancer and the interactions of BRCA1 with p53 in breast tumorigenesis and suggest approaches for risk assessment and chemotherapeutic management of BRCA1-related breast cancer.

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