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A Chimeric ATP-Linked Nucleotide Enables Luminescence Signaling of Damage Surveillance by MTH1, a Cancer Target. Journal of the American Chemical Society Ji, D., Beharry, A. A., Ford, J. M., Kool, E. T. 2016; 138 (29): 9005-9008


The enzyme MTH1 cleanses the cellular nucleotide pool of oxidatively damaged 8-oxo-dGTP, preventing mutagenesis by this nucleotide. The enzyme is considered a promising therapeutic target; however, methods to measure its activity are indirect and laborious and have low sensitivity. Here we describe a novel ATP-linked chimeric nucleotide (ARGO) that enables luminescence signaling of the enzymatic reaction, greatly simplifying the measurement of MTH1 activity. We show that the reporting system can be used to identify inhibitors of MTH1, and we use it to quantify enzyme activity in eight cell lines and in colorectal tumor tissue. The ARGO reporter is likely to have considerable utility in the study of the biology of MTH1 and potentially in analyzing patient samples during clinical testing.

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