Single-Color Digital PCR Provides High-Performance Detection of Cancer Mutations from Circulating DNA. The Journal of molecular diagnostics : JMD Wood-Bouwens, C., Lau, B. T., Handy, C. M., Lee, H., Ji, H. P. 2017; 19 (5): 697-710


We describe a single-color digital PCR assay that detects and quantifies cancer mutations directly from circulating DNA collected from the plasma of cancer patients. This approach relies on a double-stranded DNA intercalator dye and paired allele-specific DNA primer sets to determine an absolute count of both the mutation and wild-type-bearing DNA molecules present in the sample. The cell-free DNA assay uses an input of 1 ng of nonamplified DNA, approximately 300 genome equivalents, and has a molecular limit of detection of three mutation DNA genome-equivalent molecules per assay reaction. When using more genome equivalents as input, we demonstrated a sensitivity of 0.10% for detecting the BRAF V600E and KRAS G12D mutations. We developed several mutation assays specific to the cancer driver mutations of patients' tumors and detected these same mutations directly from the nonamplified, circulating cell-free DNA. This rapid and high-performance digital PCR assay can be configured to detect specific cancer mutations unique to an individual cancer, making it a potentially valuable method for patient-specific longitudinal monitoring.

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