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The Effect Of Anesthesia On Thrombectomy Outcomes Is Modified By Collateral Flow: Pooled Patient Level Analysis From EXTEND-IA, EXTEND-IA TNK Part I And II, And SELECT Sarraj, A., Albers, G., Hassan, A., Abraham, M. G., Blackburn, S., Hussain, M., Tekle, W., Ortega-Gutierrez, S., Aghaebrahim, A. N., Haussen, D. C., Toth, G., Budzik, R., Pujara, D. K., Hicks, W. J., Vora, N., Edgell, R. C., Slavin, S., Lechtenberg, C. G., Maali, L. N., Qureshi, A. Y., Rosterman, L., Aertker, B., Abdulrazzak, M. A., Mir, O., Parsha, K. N., Reddy, S. S., Alenzi, B., Cai Chunyan, Almaghrabi, T. S., Shaker, F., Kamal, H., Arora, A., Yassi, N., Sharma, G. J., Kleinig, T. J., Shah, D., Wu, T. Y., Martin-schild, S. B., Day, A. L., Sitton, C. W., Mitchell, P. J., Gupta, R., Lansberg, M. G., Nogueira, R. G., Donnan, G. A., Davis, S., Grotta, J. C., Campbell, B. C. LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS. 2022

View details for DOI 10.1161/str.53.suppl_1.42

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