Mechanical Heart Rescue Could Lead to Healing - and Freedom


If I had a transplant, then I'd have to take immunosuppressants that would mean I wouldn't have been able to be with my great-grandchildren if they were sick.

-Donna Jackson, patient at Stanford Hospital & Clinics

Jackson gets checked by her Stanford cardiologist, Dipanjan Banerjee, MD.

Jackson's great-grandchildren, Mason, 8, and Peyton, 6, are an important part of her life. And they love storytime with her on her bed. Peyton, in particular, likes to help with the job of checking the heart pump.

Cheryl's mother, Betty Birdsong, lives near Jackson and the two walk together every day, in part to help with Jackson's recovery.

Everything's been going good. Dr. Banerjee keeps saying, 'People aren't in your shape after having this.'

-Donna Jackson, patient at Stanford Hospital & Clinics