Information about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus


What is 2019 Novel Coronavirus?
What is the source of 2019 Novel Coronavirus?
What are the symptoms and complications that Novel Coronavirus 2019 can cause?
How does the virus spread?
Has anyone in the United States gotten infected?
What is Stanford Health Care doing about COVID-19?
Am I at risk for COVID-19 in the United States?
How can I help protect myself?
Does CDC recommend the use of facemask in the community to prevent COVID-19?
Is it safe to travel to China or other countries where COVID-19 cases have occurred?
What if I recently traveled to China and got sick?
Is there a vaccine?
What are the treatments?
Should I be tested for COVID-19?
How do you test a person for COVID-19?
Should I be concerned about pets or other animals and COVID-19?