Do you love your feet? Dr. Reilly discusses how the feet are the foundation of the body and why their health and wellbeing is so important. From nail fungus to heel pain to Morton’s neuroma and bunions, Dr. Reilly discusses how to prevent and treat all of the above.
April 26, 2022

Do you know your risk for heart disease? It’s the #1 leading cause of death among women (and men). Dr. Tsai is an internal medicine physician who specializes in cardiovascular disease prevention. Here she talks about women’s unique symptoms and nontraditional risk factors and what we can control in terms of preventing cardiovascular disease. Dr. Tsai also answers questions about hypertension, heart palpitations, exercise, and weight as they relate to heart disease.
April 25, 2022

Are your bones brittle? It is possible to build bone strength and avoid fractures as we age. Dr. Wu discusses how we can optimize our bone health, giving practical tips for how to incorporate bone-healthy changes into your lifestyle including which type of calcium and vitamin D to take. Dr. Wu also talks about medications to help slow bone loss and how to prevent breast cancer from spreading to bones.
April 24, 2022

Is your brain working at its best? Dr. Huberman talks about how to keep your entire nervous system—including the brain, eyes, spinal cord, and neurons—healthy and functioning optimally. He gives specific daily behavioral tools so you can raise the overall health of your nervous system. Dr. Huberman also answers questions about what we can do to improve learning and focus, lessen procrastination, and detect Alzheimer’s early.
April 22, 2022

Other News
Stanford Health Care is providing the following information in conjunction with the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help keep our patients and families informed about the 2019 Novel (new) Coronavirus.
March 5, 2020