Support Services


Frequently Asked Questions

For Patients
How can I deal with my anxiety and fear? How can I cope?
Can my family member or friend attend my appointment?
Can I record my discussion with my doctor during my appointment?
My children are having a hard time coping with my diagnosis. How can I help them?
What is an Advance Health Care Directive? Where do I get one?
What should I expect after treatment?
Who can I talk to about my work and job during treatment?
For Family & Caregivers
How can I offer support during the patient’s medical appointments or treatment?
How do I balance the needs of the patient with my own needs?
I’m exhausted. Who can I talk to about my feelings?
How do I tell my family and friends about the diagnosis? How do I answer all the questions people ask me?
What are the side effects of the patient’s treatment? How do I help the patient manage these side effects?
What hotels are located near Stanford if I need to stay overnight?
Schedule a Consultation

To schedule a consultation please call 650-498-6000. Press Option 2 and ask for PathWell. 

The PathWell Program is open to current patients of the Stanford Cancer Center.