Heart Transplant Program

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What We Offer You for Heart Transplantation

Stanford Health Care achieves exceptional heart transplant outcomes, with one-year survival rates of 95%—better than national averages.

Innovation Highlights

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Advanced Diagnostics

Shorter Wait Times

Shorter wait times help improve the chances of successful heart transplantation, because people receive a new heart while they are stronger and healthier.

We transplanted more patients, we transplanted them faster, and we have been getting great outcomes.

-— Jeffrey Teuteberg, MD


Excellence in Quality and Outcomes

Stanford is ranked in the top 10 U.S. programs for cardiology and heart surgery by U.S. News & World Report.

Doctor Stories

Stanford's Donor Heart Study seeks to save discarded donor hearts

Stanford Medicine cardiologist Kiran Kaur Khush, MD, set out to discover why so many donor hearts were going unused. She and fellow researchers spearheaded the groundbreaking Donor Heart Study, the largest study ever conducted on donor heart acceptance for transplantation. The results of this research could significantly increase the number of successful heart transplants performed, saving countless lives.

Your Heart Transplantation Team

Our heart transplant team includes specialists from multiple disciplines for outstanding care, education, and support throughout your transplant process. You will receive support from a team of specially trained nurses, care coordinators, and other providers. We work closely with your referring physician during your evaluation and treatment at Stanford Health Care.

Extended Care Team

Heart Transplant and LVAD Management
Pre-Transplant Nurse Coordinators
Pre-Transplant Patient Care Coordinators
Post-Transplant Nurse Coordinators
Post-Transplant Patient Care Coordinators
VAD Nurse Coordinators
VAD Patient Care Coordinator
Registered Dietitians
Physical Therapists

Our heart transplant team provides you with comprehensive services at the Stanford Health Care main campus. You can access all your care—from diagnostic evaluation to treatment to follow-up care—in one place.

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